Your ad in few steps

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Good ideas to design an ad for your business should not be left alone in the hands of the inspiring muses. You have to take pen, paper and follow the simple steps that make up a creative strategy.

Define the problem:

Identify what the situation is to improve; for example, a decrease in sales in a given month (temporality). Or spread your brand further, because you believe that the target market does not yet fully identify it.

Determine objectives

Set easy goals to measure. For example, move 300 shoes during the month of August more than the same period of the previous year.

Establish the generic aspects of the buyers: every product or service has a main market.

 Define what are the characteristics that sister your group of consumers. Let’s say: executives of medium-high socioeconomic status who work and usually wear suits.

Outline, in a concise way, the product or service:

Write, in a few words, the characteristics of your product. Take into account sufficiency, price and quality. Following the example of shoes: leather footwear in dark colors, traditional and elegant cut. Among their superior qualities one finds that they maintain their form, under any circumstance. And, in addition, they are more economic than those of the competition.

Budgeting advertising

This point is one of the most important. Analyze what is the investment that will channel the Assortlist Classifieds of your products and then see what? Channels  suits you, and it reaches you, to spread it. Consider the goals you have for this advertising campaign. If it is permanency, for example, journals directed to your target audience are the best option.

Assortlist Classifieds

Mark the communication objective

In this step you must define? is what you want the consumer to understand when you receive your advertising message. For example: in the middle of little rain, choose the shoes of this brand because in spite of the humidity, they will remain in optimal conditions.

Decide the creative treatment: 

This phase refers to the guidelines through which you will express your advertising message. There are three options:

  • You must choose an opinion leader or a representative character in your target market to be the person talking about the benefits of your product.
  • Through a character, already existing or created for this campaign, you will look for the identification and empathy with your target audience. Traditionally, children’s products use this resource.