Why Condos Exist And Why You Should Get One

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A condominium is a type of building or complex that contains a number of individually owned apartments or houses. It’s a unique building that has been considered as a modern take on the property selling of the future. Its advertised as a modern take on properties and a true experience of city living. A lot of people especially the younger generations are opting for a condo living for many reasons. It can be because of location, price and many many more.

But condominiums actually holds more value than that because it saves space. Think about it, if you have 4000 sqm of land, if you make houses with 150 sqm each, chance are you’re going to only get 26 houses built with a bit of emphasis on the corner lots. But if you use that with a condo, even if the usable space is 3,000 sqm with 20 floors and up you get more than 26 houses built. It can have all the amenities, even office spaces and still it will have more people that can be used to maximize its space and this has been the common solution in countries where population is dense like Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Comfy and luxurious: You can’t just reason out that condos are the way to go without making it something beautiful right? The fact is condominiums are beautiful, world-class, comfy and luxurious to live in makes it a very desirable property. The various condominium has a various concept like resort living, luxurious living and all that. But not just in the concept or looks but also in terms of function. The looks alone will be enticing for anyone to get one. In Singapore its a very sensible thing to do.


Its always in better locations: One of the things that condominiums have over other properties is the location. Developers are always trying hard to get condos in a good location because quite frankly that is the strength of any condo. have you ever seen condos in a really bad location? You don’t and that is the reason why. With steep competition, a bad location will prove disastrous for the developers.

A good investment: Condominiums are a really good investment because the price is always appreciating. No matter what you do with it, its always going to be a really good investment. Property prices are going higher within the day and if you’ve seen the condition of Hong Kong, their property prices are soaring and the spaces are getting smaller and smaller even for an executive.

Condominiums have been an integral part of growth because it addresses population placement while not looking the part. It helps maximize a land area without making anybody feel like that is the case because of the various concept that these condominiums have. You would even feel like you’ve been living in a hotel at some point. It’s comfy and luxurious, its always placed in a good location and its actually a really good investment. If you plan to buy one, you might want to consider The Gazania SingHaiYi Group.