What to Search for When Selecting Self Drive Car Hire Service

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We rent a car for many reasons. Choice for car rental has expanded with self drive option. It is actually very cost effective and comfortable. You will get flexibility of planning the journey. There were just some service providers before, but now the options are many if you look for รถ เช่า ขับ เอง เชียงราย. Thus, it becomes very important to make the good range of company. Market has become quite competitive because of presence of a lot of companies. Everyone wants to draw the attention with amazing promotions and offers, but, not essentially to facilitate them. There are some companies that cut down the rates beyond regular rates, however, providing the safe and reliable vehicle is very important.

Things you should look out for:

Good companies have got their own website

Try and find most of the information from website of a company before you approach them. Besides fair costing, here are a few things you should check out.

Cars Choice

Car rentel

Car company must have the good models and variety of many cars brands. This can help you to select the car as per your need. There are some companies that try and stick you with the costly cars that they have. Never rent SUV or sedan, if compact car can do the job for you. Cars brands are important determinants.

Car Insurance Coverage

You should check, if their cars are been covered by insurance. Suppose the vehicle isn’t covered by the insurance, it will attract penalty if caught by the traffic inspector. Car must get protected by the breakdown insurance as well as accident insurance. It is important in case of the self drive and chauffeur service. Take car with the insurance coverage.

Usage of Fuel

You need to check out fuel tank before you take a car. There are some cars that have tank totally filled, whereas some have got it partially filled.