What is a bitcoin?

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Since there are lot of modern technology development, everything has become digital. In that case why should we hold money in wallet? Digital money keeps you away from theft. This page will let you know the importance of bit coins and its functions in the market.

You can install bit coin on your system or application available at application store. You should generate your bit coin address through application. For every transaction you will have address that represents your transaction address. Disclosing it to others is not in the rule. This is as same like email. That is, when you find every address that is shared with people are noted. It is easy for hackers to find. But in case of bit coin ビットコイ , your money is stored in cloud. So there is no way to crack the password.  There will be a public ledger that talks about all the transactions included in it. You cannot transfer your money directly into the ledger. You can create bit coin wallet that stores your money and you are supposed to buy bit coin. Only then you can transfer the money in terms of bit coin. Every bit coin price is high. It is safe to have huge amount of transaction since it has no people to intermediate your hard earned money. This is also a type of savings and an investment that are advised to pull digital currencies. Having multiple portfolios will always hold multiple addresses. For maintaining ever account, user should feel the difference with passwords and address.