Tips to take good care of your car engine

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If you want to take good care of your car’s engine, then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss, some top tips which will help you to take care of your car’s engine. Click here to know about BMW service Birmingham AL.

Replace spark plugs and wires

The wires that run from the distributor conduct the electricity to the spark plugs, which generate a spark that ignites the mixture of air and gasoline in the combustion chamber. If the cables are very old or very used, your car will not start or it will cost a lot to do so.Visit this site to know about BMW service Birmingham AL.

When you change the spark plugs and wires you allow the electric current to be transmitted without problem. You must change them according to your user manual.

Avoid accelerating and stopping

Your engine was made to accelerate, but it works better and tends to last longer when it works constantly. Imagine yourself in a competition where you constantly run to everything and stop completely every five minutes. You would eventually get tired of regaining your speed and then stopping in short periods. The same thing happens to your engine. Constant stops and starts, common in the city, really damage your engine in the long run.

If possible, keep your speed constant. You will notice better fuel efficiency and your engine will last longer.

Replace the fuel filter

This filter protects your engine from harmful sediments and particles that come in the fuel. A new filter will allow the fuel to flow clean to the engine. It will prevent the accumulation or formation of waste within it and will work properly.

BMW service Birmingham ALFollow the dashboard warning lights

This may sound obvious but many times we ignore those small lights that appear on the board. If the “check engine soon” light regarding battery, oil pressure, engine temperature among others comes on, it is best to take your carto your trusted mechanic or official dealer. Maybe the problem is not big, but if so, you will avoid a great setback if you do the review.

Check the engine belts

Belts help to move various vital parts of the engine. The function may vary from one car to another but some allow the fan, cooling system, alternator and air conditioning to work.

You do not need to know what each belt is for, what you need is to take care that they are in good condition, that is, that they are not worn, have cracks or are about to break as they would cause strong damage to your engine.