The Special Role of a Woman’s Menstrual Cycle

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A girl will be reproductively active once she reaches the age after puberty. The menstrual cycle will follow which is also known as “period”. The menstrual cycle will continue until the woman reaches postmenopausal age. This is the female fertility process that we know of. We usually learn this from school, from our parents, or maybe from our friends.

            But as a woman, there’s a lot of things that we should know about how our body works especially during our menstrual cycle, towards the end, as well as what’s happening in between. When you are trying to conceive a baby, you should see here and understand why this is the most important process that we should understand.

The Menstrual Cycle

            Menstruation will start with the uterus tissue breakdown which is the cause of bleeding. This may last for 3 to 5 days. The follicle phase will start right after the menstruation where the release of the ovum happens which will last for 7 days. The ovum will be released in the oviduct and be fertilized. Then the Corpus luteum will follow for the next 12 to 14 days. If there is no fertilization, the uterus lining will disintegrate. Then the next menstrual cycle will follow. Here, you can use a fertility calculator if you want to conceive a baby.

When The Woman is Fertile.

            During the ovulation stage of the menstrual cycle, the woman is fertile. If a sexual intercourse will happen, the woman will get pregnant. When a woman is planning to conceive, keeping track of the menstrual cycle would help. Fertility calculator will also help her track her regular cycles. See here and learn how to successfully conceive a baby.

Understanding and learning about the woman’s fertility is very important for a couple who are trying to conceive a baby. Using a fertility calculator is the most common method to get an approximate date on when the woman is fertile.