The Reputation Of Bashir Dawood

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Bashir Dawood was established in 1961. Since the time of its inception until today, it has shown marvelous contributions in providing aid to the public of Pakistan in several instances of hardships and disasters.

Dawood foundation

How Bashir Dawood helped people in extreme conditions?

Pakistan has been a victim of several natural and man-made disasters. In natural disasters such as drought, flood, and earthquake, millions of people had been affected each time. Thereby, putting so many lives at major risks. Apart from this, several instances of man-made disasters have followed. Thus, leading to severe hardships to the Pakistani population and in many cases, causing the people to move out of their homeland to find refuge. Bashir Dawood has always made contributed to aiding these victims through several means.

The Dawood foundation has many volunteers, who work tirelessly, with compassion and integrity towards aiding in the reestablishment of the displaced and the victims. Several aiding methods have been adopted, which includes fundraising, donation of resources, distribution of food, water and provision of shelter to protect and support these affected population. The drought and flood-affected areas that require reestablishment have been supported by the Dawood Foundation by helping the people reconstruct their homes and villages. Apart from helping the Pakistani population, the foundation has taken initiatives to further extend its reach in philanthropic activities by providing aid and services to countries across borders. This initiative supports and aids the people affected in the man-made and natural disasters on an international scale.

Thus, Bashir Dawood has built a reputation of benevolence and philanthropy on both national and international scale, with the sole motive elevating people from their suffering and hardships.