The personality of Kaonashi character from Spirited Away

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Kaonashi is a popular character from Spirited Away movie by Studio Ghibli. The studio is a famous Japanese animation studio and has launched several popular animation movies that have gained numerous awards too. The story of the movie is about a little girl who enters the world of spirits accidentally and is working in the house of a witch with a mission to free off her parents.

The personality of Kaonashi character :

The character is a masked spirit that is lonely and is not having any specific face as such. The spirit begins following the small girl Chihiro who is the main character of the movie. The spirit is attracted by her sincerity and it does not utter proper words, but just moans and grunts. The no-face spirit has no knowledge about its surroundings and it is exposed to the greed and corruptive thoughts of the workers. Soon it encompasses their personalities and hopes that it can garner the affection and attention of Chihiro.

But this led to opposite effect and after Chihiro met Kaonashi she just told complete truth and asked him to help her out. After meeting Chihiro the spirit becomes obsessed with the little girl and wants her to see her always. The spirit becomes volatile after it is fed by the unnamed river Spirit’s emetic dumpling by Chihiro. Chihiro flees from the hostile spirit and asks him to follow her. The spirit becomes her co-journer on a train ride from Zeniba’s cottage to out of Bathhouse. After coming out of the Bathhouse, the aggressive nature of the spirit becomes docile and he follows all the orders given by Chihiro.

In the bathhouse of Yubaba, no-face lives like a monstrous being and has all sort of negative traits such as brash, loud, arrogant, selfish person who troubles everyone because of obsession with Chihiro. But at the end of the film, when he meets Zeniba, he becomes docile and obedient and follows the rules of the new society. He stays happy and even joins the apprentice program under Zeniba.

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