Techniques to relieve chronic pain

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Alternative solutions, complementary to the treatments, can help to reduce the pain effectively and to find a good quality of life. People with chronic pain have to deal with a physically and emotionally complicated everyday life. Even in case of appropriate treatment, it may happen that the drugs are not sufficient. And when anxiety, depression and bad sleep get in the way, pain evaluation doctors jersey city nj  the situation becomes even more difficult. Good news: there are complementary solutions for pain relief that work well.


Many scientists have observed the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, including reducing any type of pain. This practice also helps to better manage stress, reduce the risk of depression, sleep better and increase overall well-being.

Anti-inflammation foods

Pain and depression have been associated with a high level of inflammation of the body. By opting for an anti-inflammatory diet based on unrefined products pain evaluation doctors jersey city nj  , fruits and vegetables, oily fish, and nuts, the symptoms of chronic pain may decrease.


This ancestral practice has nothing to prove as to its benefits for the body and the mind. Whether you prefer to seek the help of a certified therapist or opt for learning self- hypnosis through books or smart phone apps, the benefits are the same: reduce pain, increase relaxation and sleep, and decrease emotional disturbances.


The set of live microorganisms called probiotics help our “good” bacteria and improve digestion. People suffering from chronic diseases such as Crohn’s disease or irritable bowel syndrome often benefit from it. You can find it as a supplement or in some foods like yogurt.

The music

It is a technique that may seem very simple, but it is effective: listening to music carefully for about 30 minutes twice a day reduces anxiety, increases psycho-physical well-being and allows you to sleep better.

pain evaluation doctors jersey city njAnti-pain treatments: which medicines to choose?


The analgesics available without prescription belong to 2 families of drugs : The first includes paracetamol-based drugs (sometimes called acetaminophen The second is composed of drugs with anti-inflammatory properties grouped under the term NSAID : Anti-Inflammatory Non Steroid: it contains ibuprofen and a very old molecule: aspirin .

Paracetamol, aspirin, ibuprofen are present in pharmacy in various forms (capsules, effervescent tablets, gels, suppositories) adapted to all situations. These drugs can also be combined with other active substances such as caffeine, vitamin C or even codeine to achieve a synergistic action in the management of pain. How to choose your pain treatment.