Spot the Difference

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So many artists nowadays have been discovered through social media platforms, particularly on YouTube and SoundCloud. They become the rising stars overnight for the day, maybe a month, lucky them if it spanned a year.

But now more and more people have become aware of the application called Spotify. Is it possible to be a discovered star in that app? Apparently, yes, you can be! With something called Spotify Play, you can easily become a rising star! Just pay and upload and you are ready to go. Spotify Play will do the work for you while you do your passion.

But if you really think about, you are definitely scared of competing with all those hardcore artists and the other aspiring artists on the same platform.

If you are wondering about buying Spotify Play, turn to this site and you’ll find all the details about your queries.

Spotify Play makes sure that your music skyrockets up to the top of the hit list. Certain packages require a certain amount that you have to pay. Once done, it is time to do their job by boosting your songs up to the top, making sure that you reach your goals. The more hits a song gets, the more popular it becomes.


Can you believe it? You are sharing your music with everyone! And they actually like it! Goodbye days of longing for someone to share happiness with. Hello to the big world who engages with you!

Spotipromo is not the only website offering Spotify Plays, but it sure is the most reliable! Careful with websites that offer Spotify Plays, whether free or comes with a price, for they may scam you and it could compromise the music you worked hard for. Always make sure to check the prices, find ways to look for legitimate reviewers, do some digging. Best to make sure that you are getting into something that says “I can handle you, let’s do this together”.

You could be the next John Legend!

So the next time you think of wanting to be discovered, try out Spotify and purchase the Spotify Plays. It will definitely be a big help especially if you want to share your passion with others. And being on YouTube and SoundCloud sounds great and all, but do you not feel the difference when you listen from those two platforms as opposed to Spotify?