Pergola – Choosing From a Wide Range of Roofing Options

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Pergolas are used in homes for years, classically, for adding the shaded walkway, linking pavilions and allowing the sitting area that allows the sun and breeze to filter through. Such an amazing addition to your home won’t just add to the comfort, but it will be the attractive bonus for your home resale value. Any free and open space around your home can be used as the invitation for pergolas. Over years, the structures of pergola have adapted to an area so there’s the large range in the designs. Whereas traditional pergolas were designed mainly for comfort and beauty, current designs place a little more emphasis on offering protection from any harsh elements of the nature like snow and rain and UV radiation.

Choosing the Right Roofing Materials for Pergola

There’s a wide range of the materials that can be used for roofing pergola. Choice of the roofing materials generally depend on size, style and shape of its structure. The robustness and durability of the construction generally depends on materials selected for the purpose. At present, the materials used for the roofing include plastic, metals, polycarbonate, fibre glass, fabric, and more.


Metal Roof

Advantage of the metal roof is it can easily be adjusted to an exact size or shape of your structure. The choice of metals like aluminum, copper, or tin helps to make the simple decision.

Plastic & Fibre glass

Next variation of the roofing for pergolas will include using fiberglass or plastic. The benefit of the options is they are inexpensive and lightweight.


Polycarbonates are the thermoplastic polymers that can easily be molded as well as has the high impact resistance all along with other benefits like ease of shaping, heat resistance, toughness and flame retardancy.