Offer Red packets and get blessings

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Red packets? What is it? Will it be in red color? These are some of the random questions that may roll in your heads when you heard the word red packets. As you guess, these red packets are red in color and they are monetary gifts which are given to people during some special occasions such as weddings and other gatherings. This culture has been in still following by the people at China and Singapore and they used to consider this envelope as a sign of blessing. Why it is red is, Chinese used to consider red as the symbol of luck and so they adapt ang bao Singapore even in this modern world.

ang bao SingaporeThis culture was first only at China but now it has spread across some parts of the world and same as red packets, there are green, purple and yellow packets which are used for different occasion by different people. These covers are now coming in a variety of design that suits with the current trend of this modern world such as floral designs, fish collection and also they come in various styles that are made up of different papers.

Also these days, they are packed in a great way than before and there are corporate custom design services from which you can get your personalised cards which you wish to offer to your guests of your event or function. You do not need to worry about its cost, as it comes in different costs same as designs.