Mop for laminate: species, what’s improved, instructions and , reviews

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During the last century, there were no other types of mops, except for a flat wooden board, dressed with a stick, which was used to clean the premises. But everything is improving, even an equally primitive assistant for soil cleaning is changing. Laminate, as a flooring, is widely used in all areas,  and it is difficult in wet cleaning.


Has a similar structure to the rope, but the ribbons are more durable and better washed. Better yet, if they are good quality cotton or microfiber ribbons. It is a well absorbent water and easily drainable materials. When buying this type, you must pay attention to the presence of patterns on the ribbons. This is not the case and the pattern is not applied for aesthetic reasons. The patterns on the bands are designed to increase their roughness, which facilitates the removal of stubborn dirt. Thus, the more intensive the model, the more likely the mop efficiency is. This is a good mop to wash the floor, a picture is suggested below. His model easily cleans a flat surface or less flat and,  If it has a swivel head, it is easy to reach all kinds of corners and grooves with his help. The strips can be washed from time to time in a washing machine. Nevertheless, even with proper cleanliness, some of them may tend to leave strips on the floor cleaned, although this largely depends on the detergent used.


Flat or flounder mop

This model has a rectangular or circular cleaning surface. The foot is covered with a microfiber material, which can be easily removed and can be washed in a washing machine. Flat mops generally perform very well in their basic function and are distinguished by their durability. They carefully pick up dust and thoroughly wash floors such as wood and ceramic tiles without leaving a trace.

Mop Twist Mop

This model will make cleaning easier and more convenient, without the use of aggressive detergents and without having to carry a bucket of dirty water. Thanks to the use of a two-phase liner, washing becomes more efficient and dirty water does not run on the floor. This is a new type of cleaning based on clean water without the use of detergents.