Know Continuous Professional Development Cycle

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Continuing Professional Development (cpd) is a training program which is a process of developing and maintaining your professional skills, no matter what your career is. In this process, your learning and development will be recorded right from the beginning stage, so that you can clearly see your performance increasing every day.

continuing professional developmentWhen you wish to enclose yourself in a cpd program, no worry there are numerous courses around your city and you have to choose one that is licensed and has experience and expert trainers who have been in this filed for several years. Before joining there, have a goal in your mind like where you want to go in the next few years. Knowing your overall career goals, it will induce you to achieve it at a faster rate.

Continuing Professional Development Cycle:

CPD is an ongoing process and a cycle as well that is designed to assist you in identifying and processing your own developmental needs.

  1. Identify what you need
  2. Plan and execute development activities
  3. Reflect what you have learnt
  4. Apply the learning sets
  5. Share your learning with other people

Developing is not only enough, you have to record what you have developed and so recording your development can prove to be an important part of continuing professional development, especially if your membership of a professional organization relies on it. So, it is a great idea to create a process which will work for you in the beginning stages of your career.