Importance of ELEGANT PACKAGING while giving a gift to a person

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The first impression is the most important. Although the book should not be judged by its cover, almost everyone does it anyway. You just can’t get away from it – so it’s worth remembering about a nice gift paper, selected especially for the right occasion and tailored to the right person or an elegant, stiff and simple purse having a lot in common with good taste and sense of taste. Instead of using one sheet for all presents, we personalize individual packages and tie simple, stylish bows. There is also a lot of advice and inspiration on the Internet related to the original packaging, which we can use for a better effect – but then you should be careful because the line my vanilla card balance  dividing beauty and kitsch is not among the thickest.



It’s hard to define the rules about how we should give presents. First of all, you need to be confident – even if you do not know whether you like it or not. A cracking voice saying that “we are not entirely convinced that we have chosen correctly, but it should be OK if you can always exchange a gift, and in general we can not make gifts” really does not justify the wrong choice, but only embarrassing the recipient. If we try to keep the gift secret, we should be careful about our own language, because there is nothing worse than the surprise that someone expects to choose my vanilla card balance . It is easy to understand that it is hard to keep an excellent idea for yourself, but it will certainly give more satisfaction when it surprises everyone present when giving a gift.


In Asian countries, it is customary to set presents aside and open them alone. In Europe, however, public unpacking and showing joy are welcome. The Asian approach will certainly work with us when the gift turns out to be an envelope filled with money. It will be a bad taste for all guests to check how much cash we will find on the list, because this situation will lead to comparisons between giving gifts and, possibly, quarrels. It is not right to show disappointment, even if we did not like the gift – we never know how much the donor put his work into it. Unpleasant comments will also be out of place. The best response will be a simple and honest, “thank you.”