How to Register a Company in Hong Kong?

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The following are the steps to register a Hong Kong company:

  1. The first step in incorporating business in Hong Kong is to choose a suitable type of company and the choice is based on size of your company in future and the capital amount available.

Some of the widely used business forms are as follows:

  • Private limited liability
  • Public limited liability company
  • General partnership
  • Limited partnership
  • Sole trader
  • Branch

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Once you have chosen the proper business form to incorporate a hong kong company, you have to follow some steps in order to register them.

  1. The investor must choose the available company name and a preliminary search can be done on the internet with the help of company registry. When you finalize a name, you have to fill an application in the registry.
  2. Then, the founders have to fill the application form of incorporation, then they have to draw up the Articles of Association and at last a set of copies of their identification documents are offered.
  3. In this step, you have to submit the registration documents and papers of your company to company registry. If the documents are proper and arranged orderly, it will take approximately 4 days to process, else you have to wait for a week.
  4. After completing all the above steps, the company will receive its registration certificate. A bank account has to be opened, it must be registered with Inland Revenue Department and other licenses are applied, if needed.

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