How To Have Beautiful Nails In Gel?

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Have you been embarrassed by having cracked nails, peel-off polish and brittle nails? If you have been having a problem such, you need to switch to another kind of nail polish. The semi-permanent polish is halfway between classic nail polish and gel. It has the texture of nail polish; it is applied the same simplicity to classic nail polish. Pintauñassemipermanentes is also applied the same as the classic nail polish. You could have the base, second coat which the nail polish and the top-coat as the final application.  But, each layer must be dried with the LED or UV LED lamp before continuing to the next.


Once completed, the nail will be lacquered in uniform color, very bright, and solid.

Does it last long?

The semi-permanent nail polish last long compared to the ordinary nail polish. Semi-permanent nail polish and gel are both subjected to nail regrowth. The kind of polish stays longer than the classic, it lasts for almost 3 weeks with no damage, no peel-off, and no cracked. Therefore, it has a good lifespan which is money-saving. You don’t need to go to a nail salon weekly to have a nail makeover. With this latest kind of nail polish, it saves your time and money. No need to come to nail salon often and saves time if you are a busy person. The semi-permanent polish tarnishes and flakes after 10-15 days. Also, when you applied the polish, it never peels off nor cracked. It stays shiny and nice.

The advantages of semi-permanent polish

The semi-permanent polish can be applied simply and more quickly. Good thing that semi-permanent polish kits are available. Anyone can buy and have it at home. Can you see how convenient and brilliant this kind of polish is? The decor is endless and possibilities of colors are achieved. The result of this polish is similar to classic nail polish.  This manicure type is very much ideal for any event, especially for holidays. It has the most delicate step yet worthy of the result. Users must know that the application of this kind of polish must be done properly. Once it is improperly applied, the polish can be damaged.  Hands play a big role in current society. It will be the center point of all the action. Thus, it deserves to receive a reward. By making the nails clean, pleasant and nice, you can be proud of it. Admit it or not. every woman wished to have nice and shiny nails.