Here’s the Reason Why Implant Supported Denture is Better

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As technology continues to change, practices and methods of some treatment in dentistry also adapt to these changes. There are different types of dentures available now for every dental clinic to replace their patient’s missing teeth and to bring back their alluring smile. One of these options is called implant-supported denture. It holds the denture more tight and secure, so you don’t need to use these irritating dental adhesives.

Luckily, many dentists are now practicing this kind of denture, especially in Vero Beach, Florida. Your dentist will determine if the current condition of your teeth is suitable for implant supported dentures vero beach fl.

implant supported dentures vero beach flImplant-Supported Dentures: What Is It?

It replaces extracted or missing teeth the same as the traditional dentures. The difference of implant-supported dentures is that they are securely held in place by a dental implant. It is a sturdy metal post installed in the jawbone and functions as an anchor for your dentures. Unlike with the traditional dentures that require dental adhesives daily, in implant-supported dentures, you don’t need adhesive to secure the denture. Because the implant that’s installed in the jawbone makes the denture securely hold it in place even if you chew hard and sticky food.

Your chosen dentist for implant-supported dentures in Vero Beach, Florida, can perform a check-up with you to identify if you’re qualified to have implant-supported dentures.

Reasons Why You Need to Switch to Implant-Supported Dentures

If you plan to choose implant-supported dentures over the traditional one, it’s essential to understand its benefits and advantages.

1. Aesthetic

Implant-supported dentures can fill the gaps from your missing teeth which can bring back your precious smile. It also lessens the facial drooping and sagging that occurs when teeth are missing and face muscles don’t have enough support the face. Implant-supported dentures give additional support to your facial muscles to restore its natural shape.

2. Functional

One of the good things about implant-supported dentures is it can normalize the current capabilities of your chewing and bite. Since missing teeth are being replaced, the functionality of these two is also restored. Also, it improves your speech when you choose implant-supported dentures since it’ll not fall even if you scream or you talk loud.

The artificial teeth that’s installed in your jawbone also help to correct your tongue placement when you speak, which can be changed by the gaps of your missing teeth. Also, implant-supported dentures are that it can hold them more securely compared to the traditional denture that requires dental adhesive.

3. Improved Your Confidence

People who wear traditional dentures may hindrance them to smile as often as they want due to the fear of becoming it lose or falling out. But not with implant-supported dentures, it is designed to avoid this kind of shameful experience. Once you’re confident enough with your denture, it can boost your self-confidence and can make your day positive!