Foods That Your Must Try in Bali

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If you are planning for a trip to Bali, there are certain things that you must know. Apart from finding good accommodation, you need to chalk out your traveling itinerary carefully. A lot of places are there to be visited at this place. From ancient historic sites to scenic natural surroundings, this place offers excellent touring experiences. Most importantly, the place is an ideal destination for the foodies. Tourists can visit Seminyak café for enjoying great brunch and dinner. It serves traditional Balinese foods and also various contemporary dishes as per the choices of the guests. In the following section, a list of the most interesting foods in Bali can be found.

  1. Pisang Goreng

This is a sweet dish and the dish is mouthwatering. The hero of the dish is banana which is deep fried. After frying, the bananas are served with honey or palm syrup. They are further topped with flaked coconut and vanilla ice cream. Overall, it is a healthy dish which has been typically served as traditional dessert after lunch or dinner.

  1. Mie Goreng

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You must have savored fried noodles earlier, though you have still not tasted the best fried noodles if you have not tries Mie Goreng. In Asia, different versions of fried noodles can be found, but this Indonesian version is quite popular. Typically, the fired noodle is mixed with shredded chicken, prawns, boiled vegetables and many more.

  1. Nasi Goreng

This is a dish that you must try when you are in Bali. Served as a traditional lunch dish, Nasi Goreng is basically the Indonesian version of fried rice. It is typically served with cucumber salad, poached egg on top of rice, pickles and many more.

  1. Chicken Sate

This is mashed chicken that has been blended with various traditional spices and herbs. The dish has often been confused with Malaysian dish, namely Chicken Satay. However, these dishes are completely different. Instead of chicken, fish has also been used for producing Sate. The mix of minced or mashed chicken with herbs and spices has been barbequed.

In order to taste many other such fantastic and mouthwatering dishes in Bali, you can choose to pay a visit to Seminyak café.

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