Everyday dog ​​care – what should you remember about?

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For many people – especially those who have been brought up with dogs and who have been accompanied by quadrupeds in everyday life – this topic will seem trivial. New owners of dogs, however, may not know what daily care of a pet should look like and what rules should be followed in it. Are you just starting your adventure with a quadruped under one roof? Relax dog boarding prices denver co  it’s not difficult! You will quickly learn everything that is most important.

Daily care of the dog

This is obvious, but it is worth remembering at the beginning – every dog ​​owner must be aware that

taking care of a dog is a big responsibility and a lot of responsibilities in which regularity is extremely important. Every day you need to provide your pet not only with a lot of love, fun and caresses, but also to meet all his most important needs. So before you take your dog home, carefully consider all the aspects that will be discussed in this article and decide whether  dog boarding prices denver co you will be able to take care of the pooch every day.

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Walks with dog

Of course, the basic obligations of the dog owner include regular walks during which the dog can arrange its needs (not only physiological but also e.g., the need for sniffing), take in the fresh air, and the necessary dose of movement. The absolute minimum seems to be three walks a day – in the morning after waking up, in the afternoon and in the evening before bedtime – but if you have the opportunity (e.g., on weekends and holidays), try to go out with the dog even more often. Always check that you have them with you before going out for a walk.

Balanced diet

Responsible care for your dog also means careful and tailored feeding. There are various schools related to dog feeding. It is worth remembering not to overfeed the dog because it leads to overweight and obesity, which – just like a human – is difficult to get rid of later and which causes serious diseases (such as diabetes, osteoarthritis, etc. ). Adult dogs should eat an average of two meals a day, and puppies should get a daily dose of at least 3-4 servings. Tips on the size of portions (taking into account the weight of the dog, and sometimes also his level of activity) can be found on the food packaging. Of course, this rule applies to healthy dogs. If your dog is ill, your veterinarian may recommend that you give him 5-6 meals in smaller portions, for example.