Enjoy fake Messenger!

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One to one messaging apps are no less than boon as it helps you connect with family friend and at the same time you can easily little bit of work as well. It is a great tool that allows you to stay in touch and you can connect and send across the message with same app. With so many messaging apps that are available fake text messenger is one of the best thing as this allows you to have some fun and enjoy with friends. To give you better understanding of the app here are few pointers that would allow you to make use of the app in better way.

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What all it entails!

  • You can create fake text in five sec as it allows you to create text message and it will pop as the message that just arrived from the friend/ family or a celebrity and so on.
  • It is super easy and super fun messenger as it allows you to send text at the drop of the hat and you can easily enjoy the fun and trivia without much issue and hassle.
  • You can set it on your lock screen and this is one of the most amazing feature that allows your message to pop on the phone even when your phone is locked therefore, it is all together fun way to grab eyeballs.
  • One can customize background from the phone as it also have the message that allows you to change the settings on the go.
  • One can set the time when the message will be displayed or flashed on the phone so you can easily streamline in accordance with your needs and requirement.
  • You can save and share the message on your social media to show how your valued links and connection with who’s who!

These are a few points’ features that you would see while suing the app so what are you waiting for and if you are an I phone user, then you can easily get it through app store of your phone.  This amazing app only works on the IPhone and does not work on any other operating system.