Do You Know About The Types Of Keys?

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The key to a lock plays a very important role. The key to success is hard work in the same way the literal key is also the hard work of the locksmiths. Every key has got its different shape and it fits down into different locks. The work of locksmith should be praised because the system of key and lock gives the person a sense of satisfaction that his or her things are pretty safe thus they are secures at the respective place. There various types of keys i.e. they come down in several designs fitting into different kinds of lock.

What are the kinds of keys?

The list listed below tells the several types of keys-

  • Deadbolt Keys- deadbolt comes in three type’s i.e. single cylinder, lockable thumbturn and double cylinder. This kind of lock is for securing the houses and add some kind of hindrance to the doors for the outside people.
  • Padlock keys- these kind of lock key system is used for small things like for instance locker or bike. These keys help to keep the small things secured.
  • Knob lock keys– this kind of key is the alternative of deadbolt keys. This kind of key can be made in a shorter period of time.
  • Car keys- usually when a person loses his or her car key in some kind of accident or may be due to his or her carelessness then the person needs to get the replica of it. For this locksmith plays a major role and helps the person to get out of this problemby making the exact same copy of the key i.e. duplicate.
  • Laser cut car keys- this kind of keys come with higher security as they have grooves on both the sides. They are better than mechanically-cut keys.
  • Transponder keys– locksmith make the duplicate of these keys just by finding the code which is essential for transceiver.
  • Furniture keys– this kind of key come in push button style or bolt style locks which are usually used in cabinet or desks.
  • Mailbox keys- this kind of key is easy to replicate as often the original keys of mailboxes are lost in busy apartments and complexes.
  • Valet keys- kind of keys usually known by business owners of different places, restaurants or hotels where numerous keys are required for different rooms.
  • TSA lock keys- this kind of key is for flying and travel. This kind of key could easily be replicated so the person could get this kind of key made if he or she needs a spare one.

Hence, the emergence of a locksmith made the field of lock and key better as getting replica of the lost keys has no longer been a different tasks and people could get access to the replica of different types of keys easily.