Digitization of the Healthcare Sector in Modern World

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The developed world is undergoing a process of digital transformation in all its productive sectors, including healthcare. Thanks to the profound social changes it has generated and the disruptive technological advances, modern society is characterized today by being hyper connected, globalized and in constant change.

Regarding the healthcare field, we know that in order to offer healthcare according to this new digital paradigm and to improve our professional performance, healthcare professionals must have a transformative vision, a proactive attitude in the acquisition of digital skills. In health and rely on digital innovation to provide solutions to the new needs of our patients and thus obtain better health results.

Every day we see how new emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, wearables, chat bots or block chain lead us to a digital future full of uncertainty. However, despite these advances, in healthcare we still notice a certain delay in the implementation of digital processes and in the integration of this digital innovation within healthcare systems.

 Digitization of the Healthcare Sector in Modern World

The digital pharmacy systems in Texas are beginning to show benefits in those health systems and clinical teams who dare to investigate, develop and integrate. The reality is that today Digital Health offers us as many opportunities as challenges. Among them:

  • The development of a joint vision of Digital Health by administrations and joining forces between the different agents, including patients.
  • The restructuring of digital clinical information and interoperability of information systems.
  • The use of open data and patient-reported results for better medicine based on real-time decision making.
  • All this without losing the humanizing focus or ” patient-centeredness ” with the integration of technology in the different processes of digitization and transformation.


To complement the conference, the Director of Information Systems at Vueling, Javier Álvarez , spoke , who was in charge of explaining the improvements his company has experienced thanks to digitization, in addition to pointing out some of the measures that could be applied to the pharmacy. hospitable. “The digital transformation process should be something inherent in the development of any company. In the case of Vueling, it is one of the key tools when betting on innovation, always taking into account the customer as the center of all our business decisions ”, Javier Álvarez has stated.

The experts gathered at the meeting have also pointed out some of the challenges that digital transformation entails in hospital pharmacy. In this sense, Poveda explained that “on the one hand, there is still a technological barrier , so that many hospitals do not have computer systems prepared for digital transformation. On the other, there must be a change in mentality among professionals , while prioritizing an institutional commitment to increase resources for digital health projects. “