Detailed information about coinbase

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Nowadays, many people are showing interest on cryptocurrency because it is completely safe and legal to use. On the other hand, coinbase is the largest bitcoin marketplace because they are offering their service more than 40 countries. They can provide wide ranges of payment methods to their clients to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency. If you are a beginner to use cryptocurrency then you are recommended to choose coinbase because they can provide complete guidance and support to their clients. Suppose you wish to buy cryptocurrency using fiat currency then coinbase is the finest option because it is gaining huge popularity across the world.

Amazing benefits of choosing coinbase

As we know, coinbase was introduced in the year 2012 by Brain Armstrong. They are providing support to more than twenty million users across the globe for exchanging cryptocurrency and bitcoin. To make use of this feature, you must register it with them. After that, choose coinbase login to buy or sell cryptocurrency. Actually setting up the coinbase account is straightforward and simple process. Just click on the sign up option and enter specific details like email address, name and password that you want to set. Remember one thing; coinbase might perform the KYC to verify your personal details. Once you provide it properly then you are free to sell, buy or trade crypto on the coinbase. Specific levels are there to verification on exchange which includes

coinbase account

  • Phone number verification
  • ID verification
  • Personal Information verification
  • Two factor authentication

Based on your country, numerous numbers of the payment methods are available that you can choose on coinbase which is ranging from credit or debit card to wire transfers. You are advisable to press on link new account then you can look at list of the payment methods which is available to you.