Dealing with chronic pain

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Chronic pain lasts for more than a few months and it can be incurable too. But instead of living with pain for years together, it is recommended to consult with a pain relief clinic Singapore at early stages of chronic pain before the situation goes out of control. With correct treatment you can find relief in your situation, if not cure it completely. There are numerous treatment options such as Radio frequency Ablation, Pain shots and others. Let us learn about these pain relief treatments. Doctors at pain relief clinic Singapore may combine more than one treatment method for best results.

  • Radiofrequency Ablation: Also known as RFA this treatment method targets the nerves which are sending pain signals to your brain. This is done using a needle with a heated tip. The needle is placed in a position that is very close to the painful nerve. Because of the heat it gets zapped and cannot send pain signals to the brain. It is widely used in conditions such as neuropathy and arthritis. It can also ease conditions such as hip pain and lower back pain as well as knee and neck pain. There is a new technique of cool RFA that offers better results. It can relieve pain for almost a year, after which you will have to get the treatment again.
  • Pain shots: This is used to inject steroids or local anesthetics in your body. Commonly used shots for chronic pain includes:
  • Nerve root blocks: these targets the nerves of spine that leads to pain in other parts of the body.
  • Epidural steroid shots: this is used for disc problems and it is given in the outer part of the spinal column.