Comparison between cooling modes

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From an air temperature of 30 ° C, what will be the condensation temperature? It all depends on the type of cooling of the condensing water chosen! Starting from the operation of a cooling tower, here are the results compared for an air temperature of 30 ° C 40% RH. Compare the systems by setting average values: an “approach” of 5 ° C, a pinch of the exchangers 6 ° C and a temperature rise of 7 ° C.

duct cleaning washington dcLower the temperature of the outside air

Energy consumption increases if the condensing temperature increases. Also, the location of the condenser must avoid the local warming of the cooling air. For example, a condenser placed on a roof covered with black roofing will cause a local overheating of the air several degrees during periods of sunshine … The placement of white gravel on the roof will be favorable. The location of the condenser should avoid direct sunlight from the heat exchanger. If shade placement is not possible, the placement of a shading system will lower the temperature level. It must also be avoided that air recycling is done around the condenser: hot air mixes with cold air, the temperature of the suction air increases, … as well as the temperature of the air. Condensation.

It is however sometimes  duct cleaning washington dc a solution realized for the limitation of the level of noise since the side walls can be covered with acoustic absorbent … That it is difficult to reconcile all the constraints…!

In the same spirit, it must be avoided that the cooling air of a condenser is recycled on itself or in a nearby condenser.

Whenever possible, the placement of the condenser in a closed room must also be prohibited. If this is the case (for condensers of refrigerated rooms, for example), it is necessary to ensure a strong ventilation of the room and even sometimes its air conditioning, if one wants that the temperature of the air of the room remains low enough to be able to continue to cool the condensers without raising the condensing pressure. We will agree that this situation is aberrant in terms of energy!

Protect the exterior insulation

The chilled water pipes are always insulated if only to prevent condensation of the water from the atmosphere. But it is worth emphasizing the need to surround the insulation with a rigid plastic sheath. Otherwise, the birds are fond of this polyurethane foam for the making of their nest!