Choosing an ERP for my small business

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ERP is the key to computerized business management systems… The larger the workforce, the higher the rate of use of an integrated SME management software package (up to 84% for SMEs with 250 or more people). Since then, the trend has been confirmed: in 2020, one in two SMEs will use a computerized management system. Let’s take a look at the solutions available today for small and medium-sized businesses.

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ERP for SMEs: the owner’s offer

ERP has long suffered from an elitist reputation that made it a tool supposedly reserved for large structures. If this reputation was justified in the early 90s, today it is no longer necessary. Publishers have clearly understood the evolution of the market and the growing need to provide SMEs with solutions adapted in size and cost. The growing demand, driven by digital transformation, has driven publishers to turn their tailor-made solutions into products for SMEs. It is not a question of reduced versions of existing ERP but complete solutions designed and adapted for small and medium-sized companies. Thus, the most important software publishers on the market all have a TPE or SME version of their products in the catalog. This market, in constant development, has also favored the emergence of new specialized players in the small structures segment.

Publishers  have also been able to diversify the distribution model  Time Clock Wizard of their offers: on-premise, SaaS or both. The relevance of the distribution choice will depend on a set of factors specific to the company concerned. If the choice of on-premise (hard license) remains a minority for SMEs, it remains a valid option for specific activities. The current trend is SaaS with all the promise of cloud computing. This online subscription model is becoming more and more popular with SMEs for choosing their ERP. As a result, more and more publishers are opting for SaaS, some of them are gradually abandoning the model of one’s own.