Chimney Inspection Must for A Warm and a Safe Winter

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Our chimneys if not regularly, inspected can have problems like leakage, water penetration in the house, energy damage or even chimney damage. Hence, to prevent such damages and issues it becomes necessary for a person to get the chimneys checked from time to time. Just like every action has an equal and opposite reaction, enjoying a crackling flame has the reaction of creosote and soot build up in the chimney these two restrict the flow of air and damage the fireplace chimney. Chimney Inspection Maryland provides the best service in this matter.

chimney inspection marylandReasons for getting the chimney inspected

Experts recommend to get the chimney cleaned, once a year to prevent fires and carbon monoxide intrusions. Here are a few pros of chimney inspection,

  • Maintenance of structural elements and fuel:Examine the interior and exterior of the chimney and look if there are any signs of wear and tear on the basic parts of the chimney, fireplace, and hearth.
  • Removal of combustibles: check the entire structure of the chimney and be assured that combustibles are not in contact with any building material or else end up in a hazardous, fire.
  • Clearance of obstructions: It is necessary for the chimney to be clear of bird nests, debris, and leaves, or any material that can block the venting of smoke, gas and combustible by-product that can cause fire.
  • Volume and combustibility of the deposits: The building up of creosote and soot on the walls of the chimney should not be neglected to that the fact that can pose a threat to ignite a fire.

According to chimney inspection maryland these are the reasons why one should consider getting a chimney inspected when the winter is coming.

Levels of Chimney Inspection:

The chimney cleaning is a three-level process. Level one inspection includes a visual check of the fireplace and the chimney without special equipment or climbing on the roof. This step checks if there is soot and creosote to be cleaned if so the worker will use brushes and vacuum, extension poles, on the stop.

Level two inspection is of immense importance and it requires the chimney to be cleaned in a far specialised way than level one this, is required when the chimney withstood an earthquake, tornado, or bought a new house.

Level three inspection is required when there has been a chimney fire it involves tearing down and reconstructing the whole chimney.

In order to stay safe and warm during the winter, it is necessary for one to have their chimneys inspected.