Best international school for your children

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Integrated International school is one of the best schools across the country which covers right from preschool to high school. Once admitted in preschool, your kid can complete up to the high school without a need to switch over to any other school in between after completing the pre schooling or the primary. This is the best part of studying in this school. It is founded in 2009 based on the principles every child is capable of attaining success that goes beyond one definition.

Singapore international school fees

Fees and other information

Academics for the secondary school consist of English, Mathematics, Creative Arts, Home Economics, social skills training, Personal Development and health and physical education. Secondary school is for the age group 7 to 12 and the curriculum is based on Australian Approach. Singapore international school fees consists of maintenance, excursion, technology costs. In addition to this, there will be admission fees which should be paid along with the application, school uniforms, examination fees details for which can be taken from the admissions office.

They follow one of the best curriculums in the world and since you don’t need to switch over to different school every time, you will be saving a lot in terms of admission fees. IN addition to the regular curriculum, there will be several extracurricular activities available in the school. Students can choose one of them based on their interests and eligibility. You can get the details about all the information by visiting their website and going through the admission procedure.