Benefits of Social Security Death Index

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When the Social Security Death Index was introduced it faces a lot of criticism from people. The information in the SSDI was misused and some identity theft cases were introduced. But the government took special measures to prevent such issues. By providing a special file about the dead people, their identity cannot be used anymore. After the death of anyone in your family, you can inform the Social security Administration about them so that no one can steal their identity. You can check the SSDI file from various social media sites which is due to the right to information act.

Helps in remembering war heroes?

The war heroes of the world war might have been forgotten with time if their names have not been engraved. This is quite similar to the Social Security Death Index which stores the name of deceased persons. If you are looking for information on war hero like Norman Asch who was a soldier in the world war. The nation is always proud of the people who risk their lives to keep them protected and secure peace. You can find information about his date of birth and the date of death.

Norman Asch

Leave behind the prove that you exist at some time

With time people might forget that you existed which always happens with time. But somewhere in some official documents, your name will still be there. So it is one way to leave a mark that you were alive.

Protects the identity theft of dead people

Sometimes people try to use other peoples identity to steal their information and take debts. This can be protected by using the help of SSDI by registering the death.

These are some of the benefits of using the Death master file which is different from SSDI to protect you. If someone from your family is deceased then you can inform the officials.